• "One Piece" 1018 is scheduled to release on Sunday
  • The upcoming manga installment is titled "Jinbei vs Whos Who"
  • "One Piece" 1018 spoilers hinted at the arrival of a new character

The latest set of spoilers for "One Piece" 1018 has hinted at the introduction of a new powerful character that might have a remarkable effect on the lore of the manga.

A new set of spoilers for "One Piece" 1018 is now available online, thanks to Redon and other insiders in the community. The upcoming manga installment is reportedly titled "Jinbei vs. Whos Who" and would showcase the fight between these two powerful characters.

Interestingly, the spoilers mention the "God of the Sun" and Shanks, which excites a lot of fans, particularly those fond of making theories.

The spoilers revealed that Whos Who loathed Shanks for stealing the Gomu Gomu No Mi Devil Fruit, which, according to the previous chapter, was the reason why he was sent to Impel Down. The Tobi Roppo member also told Jinbei that he was angry at Luffy because he wears Shanks' straw hat. And while it sounds petty, some fans think there is more to yonko Shanks than the manga lets on.

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As for the God of the Sun or Sun God, "One Piece" 1018 spoilers described the character as a legendary warrior related to the slaves. Fans were quick to speculate that it could be Fisher Tiger since he was the one responsible for freeing the slaves, mostly fishmen, from the clutches of the Celestial Dragons way back.

However, Korean insiders note that this is not the case because the upcoming chapter would reportedly reveal the name of the said legendary warrior.

It turns out the story of the Sun God helped Whos Who survive the prison. The Tobi Roppo member reportedly learned that the guard who told him the story of the legendary warrior disappeared without any trace. Because of this, Whos Who decided to escape from prison in case the government has something to do with the guard's disappearance.

During their fight, Whos Who will ask Jinbei if he knows something about this Sun God since he used to be a member of the Sun Pirates. The majority of the Sun Pirates' crew consisted of former slaves and their captain was the legendary Fisher Tiger.

More details about "One Piece" 1018 will be available before the manga's official release Sunday. For now, fans can expect that the battle between Whos Who and Jinbei is going to be an epic one.