• "One Piece" 1043 will release Sunday
  • The upcoming chapter is titled "Let's Die Together"
  • "One Piece" 1043 will feature Momo and Zunisha talking to each other

With Luffy knocked out in the previous chapter, the upcoming manga installment will reportedly declare the yonko as the winner. However, it appears that this is not the end yet as the early set of spoilers tease that "One Piece" 1043 will be very interesting as it will divide the community.

The Roger vs. White Beard fight is one of the most exciting parts of the series since fans would like to know how one fares against the other. But it appears that it will pale in comparison to "One Piece" 1043 if the latest tease is anything to go by. Spoilers are now out and according to insiders, the upcoming chapter will be very interesting.

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"One Piece" 1043 is reportedly titled "Let's Die Together," which was quoted from Yamato. The manga will apparently reveal that the CP-0 boss will get stomped and Kaido will get down from the roof, poised to beat any opponent.

According to insiders, the CP-0 who intervened during the Kaido vs. Luffy fight has a dedicated scene in the chapter but they could not guarantee if the World Government's dog is still alive. Another striking part of the spoilers is the conversation between Momonuske and Zunisha.

Although the insiders did not reveal the details, it most likely has something to do with the War in Onigashima. Fans might be able to learn more about the legendary animal's past life and his connection with Joy Boy.

The title, which was apparently spoken by Yamato, is more likely said out of the severity of the situation in Onigashima. Kaido's son might have learned about his father's triumph over Luffy, thus he said those words.

But Luffy is a rubber man and like he always says, rubber always bounces back. It might be too premature for the announcer to declare Kaido as the winner since there is a big chance that Luffy will regain consciousness and fight again.

Oda has previously hinted at Luffy's character progression and it remains to be seen if fans will witness it in the Wano arc or in the succeeding arcs.

"One Piece" 1043 is slated to release Sunday.