• "One Piece" 1044 is reportedly titled "Liberation Warrior"
  • The new chapter is set to come out Sunday
  • It is expected to confirm Luffy's new power

Legendary mangaka Eiichiro Oda is about to shatter a lot of fan theories about Luffy's new powerup based on the "One Piece" 1044 spoilers that have been making rounds online.

The fresh chapter is reportedly titled "Liberation Warrior" and provides details about Luffy's new powerup. It also unveils exciting information on why the Gorousei wanted to kill the user of this particular Devil Fruit.

According to the spoilers shared by a reliable insider who goes by the name Redon, Luffy's Devil Fruit is Zoan-type. Unknown to fans, its name is not Gomu Gomu no Mi but Hito Hito no Mi Mythological Model: Nika.

The Gorousei discuss the Akuma no Mi in the Mary Geoise, with one of them revealing that the Devil Fruit's awakening gives its user a rubber body with more strength and freedom.

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Its awakening is also believed to give its user a ridiculous amount of power. The World Government has always tried to get this Akuma no Mi (Devil Fruit) but failed to do so for eight centuries. Meanwhile, a member of the Gorousei claims the Devil Fruit has a mind of its own.

There are a lot of theories surrounding Luffy's new powerup, with fans debating if it is Luffy's Gear 5 or if it's the awakening of his Devil Fruit. Interestingly, Oda underlines that while it is an awakening of the Hito Hito no Mi, Luffy prefers to call it his Gear 5.

This new powerup allows Luffy to have the same ability shown by Katakuri during the Whole Cake Island arc and Doflamingo in the Dressrosa arc. With the Devil Fruit's awakening, the Strawhats' captain can transform everything into rubber by simply touching the ground.

His attacks are savage and he even bounces Kaido's Bolo Breath attack to the Yonko. Luffy's body is reportedly as flexible as rubber and he can jump very high.

The new chapter also showcases Oden's daughter, Hyori, finally revealing her face to Orochi. Things are getting more exciting in the series, and the fight on top of the Skull Dome gets a lot more interesting with Luffy's new power.

"One Piece" 1044 is slated for release Sunday. The chapter's raw scans might surface online sometime between Thursday and Saturday night.