• "One Piece" 1048 is titled "Twenty Years"
  • The upcoming chapter is coming out Sunday
  • It features Kawamatsu remembering what happened in the past 20 years

"One Piece" 1048 confirms that the former Shogun of the closed country of Wano may still be alive after Denjiro cut one of his heads while the usurper is still in his transformed state.

Based on the latest raw scans made available online by industry insiders, the upcoming manga installment is set to reveal that Denjiro, one of the Akazaya Nine, cut the main head of the transformed Orochi. While many hope that Orochi is finally dead, raw scans teased that it's not really the case.

One of the panels reportedly shows that the samurai only cut one of the seven heads of the shogun. It can be recalled that Kaidou did the same thing on the Live Stage when he announced that his son, Yamato, will replace Orochi as the shogun of Wano Kuni in Chapter 985.

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But then Orochi resurfaced in Chapter 1008. He was alive, in rage and on a warpath to burn down the entire Onigashima. Several chapters later, Kinemon and other members of the Akazaya Nine met him again and this time, they decapitated his head.

It didn't end there, however. It seems Eiichiro Oda, the legendary mangaka who created "One Piece," was not yet done with Orochi at the time because the shogun reappeared chapters later. He met Komurasaki and learned that she was Kosuke Hyori, the only daughter of the man he betrayed and had killed.

How Orochi will be killed remains unknown, but according to one of the theories within the community, all his seven heads should be severed simultaneously.

The raw scans also revealed that Luffy asked Momo to move Onigashima away from the Flower Capital, so whatever happens to the floating island, the people celebrating the Fire Festival won't be affected. Meanwhile, Kaidou and Luffy are still fighting on the roof of the Skull Dome using more powerful attacks.

Some parts of the upcoming manga, according to the raw scans, show Kawamatsu remembering what happened in Wano over the past couple of decades. With Big Mom defeated, Tobi Roppo decimated and other powerful Beast Pirate operatives knocked out, the fate of the entire Wano lies on Luffy's victory.

"One Piece" 1048, titled "Twenty Years," is scheduled to roll out Sunday. The official manga is available on Manga Plus and Viz.