• "Tokyo Revengers" 254 is titled "Train Wreck
  • It shows Takemichi's vision coming true
  • The new chapter is set to release Wednesday

"Tokyo Revengers" 254 raw scans reveal that Takemichi's vision from the previous chapter is finally coming into fulfillment and, though battered from various fights, the time traveler is determined to stop at nothing to prevent his vision from becoming a reality.

Based on the raw scans leaked online by insiders in the community, "Tokyo Revengers" 254 shows that in Takemichi's vision, a train moving at full speed gets derailed and crashes. Chaos ensued and everyone tried to flee from the rubble.

In the aftermath of the violent event, Chifuyu, Hakkai and Mitsuya do not survive and died. In the vision, Sanzu admitted that he deliberately did this to kill everyone. Seeing those things, Takemichi panics, shouts and runs away from Kakucho.

Je te protégerai | Tokyo Revengers
Anime : Tokyo Revengers YouTube Screenshot/Crunchyroll FR YouTube Channel

Meanwhile, Sanzu is on the train and seemingly busy trying to learn how to run it. After flipping different buttons, he finally hits the right one and the train starts moving forward. Triumphant that he achieved his first goal, Sanzu smirks as he envisions the actualization of his plan.

As the train moves, Sanzu sees Takemichi and Kakucho on the train track. Apparently, the time traveler shared his vision with Kakucho and Sanzu was surprised to see that these two know his whereabouts amidst the chaos of the battle.

Kakucho looks surprised as well after realizing that what Takemichi told him was accurate. Sansu becomes annoyed because someone knows about his plan. Meanwhile, Kakucho and Takemichi, the old pals of yesteryears join hands and stand together to prevent a blood bath.

It is worth noting that while Takemichi's vision provides him with a view of a certain part of an immediate future, most often it is not accurate. The first time his vision occurred was at Draken's place and the other one was with Senju.

While some parts of the previous visions came true, not all details were accurate. It could be because Takemichi intervened and changed some factors that affected the vision. What happens with Sanzu's plan is still up in the air, but with Kakucho on his side, Takemichi is determined to save his friends no matter the odds.

"Tokyo Revengers" 254 is reportedly titled "Train Wreck" and is set to roll out Wednesday.