• "One Piece" 968 will arrive on Jan. 20
  • The latest chapter of "One Piece" reveals more details about the stone poneglyphs
  • "One Piece" manga also introduces one important character in Gol D. Rogers' journey

“ One Piece” has yet to reveal answers to some of its secrets and mysteries. The popular series offers a long list of mysteries, with some outweighing the others. Interestingly, the recent manga uncovers some of the mysteries behind the ponelyphs in Grand Line--which, for a couple of decades, have tickled fans’ imagination.

Since the start, “One Piece” creator Eiichiro Oda teased fans the strange and massive bricks, which is scattered all over the world. Thanks to the latest chapter of “One Piece” fans now see the full path one man took that led him to the final destination of the poneglyphs. At long last, “One Piece” manga shows how the pirate king himself, Gol D. Rogers, reached the Rio Poneglyph and showed the place where he left his famous treasure'"One Piece."

The latest chapter of “One Piece” went live a few days earlier, and it shows an interesting flashback. Following Roger’s trip to the sky island Skypeia to see one of the poneglyphs, it appears that the hunt was set to continue. As the chapter progresses, fans saw the Pirate King's journey as he went underseas in the Fishmen Kingdom and several other places.

‘One Piece' Chapter 962 Spoilers: Oden's Motivations For Taking Over Kuri
‘One Piece' Chapter 962 Spoilers: Oden's Motivations For Taking Over Kuri Instacodez

The latest “One Piece” chapter shows Gol D. Rogers and his crew as he discovers new poneglyphs. One of them appears to be a plague in Totto Land. It ends when Roger stops in Zou under the Whale Tree where discovers the location of the Laugh Tale. Although the chapter does not reveal the island, fans can see Gol D. Roger entering the final island.

The crew was greeted by the lost secret history of the world contained in Rio Poneglyph, and the chapter ends with the Pirate King heartily laughing at the message it carries. We also learn more about Roger’s journey and get to meet one important character in “One Piece,” Tom, Roger’s shipwright. Fans met Tom in earlier episodes when Luffy and the rest of the Straw Hats visited World 7.

While it was a backstory, Tom was shown in that past episode of "One Piece" as an important person who holds the blueprint of the world’s most destructive weapon. Tom, along with his crew, Franky and IceBerg, also made the sea train that paves the way for the flourishing economy of World 7. When he was caught by the World Government, Tom said that he was proud that he helped the Pirate King, but that was all, fans never get to know the details of Tom's involvement with Gol D. Roger.

But, in the recent “One Piece” chapter, fans further learn that it was Tom who made the Oro Jackson, Roger’s ship, and helped the Pirate King sail the seas. It solves one of the many mysteries about the world in “One Piece.” Chapter 968 of “One Piece” will release on Jan. 20 in Weekly Shonen Jump.