Who Is The Ooler Sleep System For?

  • The Ooler sleep system is ideal for those who want to better control the temperature of their bed
  • The Ooler system is perfect for couples who have differing tastes in night time temperature
  • The sleep system has a wide temperature range, allowing for people to keep cool or get toasty
The Ooler sleep system is an innovative way to stay cool at night

Sleep is a crucial aspect of life. Without it, we wouldn't be able to properly function. Not all sleep is the same, as a restless night can absolutely ruin the next morning. That's why the Ooler sleep system is here to help ensure every night of sleep is a good one by using water to cool down or heat up a bed.

Ingenious Idea

The idea behind the Ooler sleep system is positively genius. The sleep system starts with a base tub that can change the temperature of water. The tub is connected to tubes that run through a mattress pad. Once turned on, the tub pumps water through the tubes in the mattress pad at a set temperature. The tub itself is fairly small, making it easy to tuck under the bed and out of the way.

To make the idea even better, the mattress pad comes in sizes to cover half of a mattress. This may sound weird at first, but it's perfect for couples who share a bed. For example, I personally like to be cool to cold when sleeping, but my wife doesn't. Instead of trying to point a fan at me and not impact my wife, the Ooler pad allows me to cool my side of the bed down without causing any impact to the temperature on her side.

A closer look at the Ooler base tub

The mattress pad also has two sides. One side is called the "comfortable" side, which has a little more padding to it. The other side is the "cool" side, which has a more insulated material. This insulated material kind of reminds me of what soft lunch boxes are made of to help keep their contents cool.

Uneven Execution

Unfortunately, the Ooler sleep system is one of those ideas that works better on paper than it does in reality. I've had two different Ooler base tubs, and both have had issues. The first would randomly leak for no apparent reason. This leaking got so bad that it actually warped my floorboards a little bit. Fortunately, it was only the tub that leaked and not the mattress pad.

The mattress pad fits half of a queen-size bed, but works well enough with a full-size bed

After sending that first base tub back, I was given a replacement. The replacement base tub doesn't leak, which is a big improvement, but it also doesn't seem to be able to hold its temperature at times. The Ooler sleep system can range from 55 degrees up to 115 degrees fahrenheit, and when I set it to 55 degrees the water rarely reaches that temperature. Often the water temperature will stagnate in the high 50s, and even if it does drop down to the mid 50s, it'll often be back up to around 60 degrees when I wake up.

Additionally, the Ooler sleep system's tubes running through the mattress pad are prominent enough to be felt when lying down, especially if they're filled with cold water. Thankfully I was able to quickly adjust to this, but those who have a hard time sleeping on bumpy or uneven surfaces may have a challenge here.

Different Kinds Of Cool

After using the Ooler sleep system for a while now, I've come to the conclusion that there are different ways of cooling off. Staying cool because of cold water is a much different experience than staying cold from air via a fan or air conditioner.

The back of the Ooler base tub, where the water is pumped out

Fans and air conditioners use moving air, which helps whisk away the heat. The Ooler sleep system, however, doesn't allow that heat to be pushed away. It's more like sitting in a cold tub of water. The cold water obviously lowers the temperature, but sometimes I've woken up feeling a little damp and clammy, even if there aren't any leaks.

Decent App

I really dislike apps that are required for a product to be used or are filled with tons of unnecessary features. Thankfully, the Ooler app is fairly streamlined and isn't even a requirement to use the Ooler sleep system. The base tub can be turned on or off right on the device itself, and users can also adjust the temperature from the buttons on the tub. That said, the app does allow for a little more flexibility and control.

The main screen of the Ooler app is basic and straightforward

There are two main pages for the Ooler app. The first is the basic control page. This allows users to turn their Ooler sleep system on and off, adjust the temperature and change the output mode of the tub to be normal, a "Boost" mode to help temperature adjust quicker, or a "silent" mode that runs a little more quietly than the other modes.

The second main page is a schedule feature. This allows users to create a fairly in-depth schedule for the base tub to turn itself on at a set time, adjust the temperature multiple times throughout the night and even use the "warm awake" feature. This "warm awake" heats the water in the Ooler sleep system to max temperature at a set time, which is intended to be a more subtle way of waking up instead of the harsh bleating of an alarm clock.

The sleep scheduler is simple, but I wish there were more options for control

The Ooler app generally works well, though I frequently have to hit the refresh button the first time I open the app every day to make my Ooler sleep system click back on. I also wish the schedule feature allowed users to change the output mode so that the "Boost" mode could be used to cool things down quickly before switching to a more quiet mode later in the night.

For the health conscious out there, the Ooler app also has a cleaning function that can be triggered. The Ooler base tub has a UV light inside that can be used to disinfect the water that is put in it. When the deep cleaning function is activated, the base tub goes through a 45-minute cleaning cycle before shutting off. It doesn't have any impact on using the Ooler sleep system, but it's nice to know there aren't bacteria festering in my mattress pad.

Does It Help Me Sleep Better?

One of the big selling points for the Ooler sleep system is that it will help provide a good night's rest every night. Does the Ooler live up to that promise? I can't say I've noticed a drastic increase in the quality of my sleep, but the Ooler certainly helps me stay more comfortable through the night.

The one person who I think benefits the most from the Ooler sleep system is actually my wife. I'm the kind of guy who likes to have a fan on at all times when I'm sleeping, even in the middle of the cold winter months. I just really like to be cold when sleeping. With the Ooler, we no longer need to keep a fan running at night, which my wife is very appreciative of.

The big water hoses connect at the end of the mattress pad, keeping them out of the way

The "warm awake" alarm feature didn't do it for me. I would regularly wake up late and also hot from the heated water. For now I'll be sticking to a standard alarm to wake up.

The Ooler sleep system is also a little loud, especially when put into "Boost" mode. That said, the volume is comparable to a fan or air conditioner, so if you can sleep with one of those running then sleeping with an active Ooler system isn't going to be an issue. If you need things to be completely silent to sleep, you may have a problem with the Ooler system even with "Silent" mode active.

Big Price Tag

The Ooler sleep system has a lot going on, which means there's a pretty hefty price tag. The least expensive option comes with a base tub and a mattress pad that is fit for half of a queen-sized bed. All in, this configuration runs for around $750. Prices top out at a configuration with a base tub and a full king-size mattress pad for a whopping $1,600.

For those interested in an Ooler sleep system, Amazon currently has a 20 percent off coupon available right from the item page. That does help to reduce the cost of an Ooler system, but it will still be an investment.

Final Thoughts

The Ooler sleep system is a fascinating product with a lot to offer. The prospect of having two people share a bed and each sleep at their preferred temperature is genius. Being able to not only cool down a bed, but also heat it up is so smart and the Ooler system has an app that actually adds to the experience and isn't weighed down with unnecessary features and gimmicks.

Ultimately, the Ooler sleep system isn't for everyone. It's great for couples who have different preferences in sleep temperature, but if you sleep by yourself, you and your wallet are much better off getting a fan or AC unit.