Orlando brown arrest methamphetamine
Former Disney star Orlando Brown was arrested for hitting his girlfriend and possessing methamphetamine in January, a report said Thursday. In this photo, Brown poses at a children's benefit at the Santa Monica Airport in California, Sept. 20, 2003. Getty Images/Kevin Winter

Former Disney star Orlando Brown was jailed and charged with domestic battery misdemeanor, along with other charges, in January after being arrested for hitting his girlfriend and carrying methamphetamine, TMZ reported. Brown guest starred in several shows by Disney and is best known for his role of Eddie Thomas on the hit show, “That’s So Raven.”

The TMZ report said Brown pulled into a police parking lot while arguing with his girlfriend and had her during the argument. A person using a nearby ATM spotted the incident and informed the police. Brown initially refused to leave his car when officials arrived and was found in possession of methamphetamine once he was taken into custody.

The recreational drug, which produces euphoria, is highly addictive and is illegal in the U.S., except in specific cases referred through a federal prescription.

Police officials said, according to TMZ, that Brown’s girlfriend was not seriously hurt. Along with misdemeanor of domestic battery, Brown was also charged with obstruction of justice and two felonies — possession of a drug with intent to sell, and having contraband in jail, TMZ reported.

In 2014, the actor had reportedly shown up at a woman’s apartment in Hollywood and threatened to kill her. He faced charges on two counts after that incident — one of disturbing peace and another of public intoxication, MTV reported.

The 28-year-old Brown ran into trouble with police officials on several occasions, including an arrest in 2007 for marijuana possession and again in 2011, when he was arrested for driving under influence. In 2012, he was arrested twice for not completing his probation and for failing to appear in court. He was arrested again for driving under influence in 2013, according to MTV.