An adorable video of a baby elephant drinking milk from a huge feeding bottle is bringing a smile on everyone’s face. The video, that is going viral on Twitter, was shot at the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya that operates an orphan elephant rescue center.

The center shared the video on June 10 and tweeted, “Maktao is on a mission to get back quickly for one of two bottles of milk. Orphans at our Nursery sleep in stockades to offer warmth & protection during the night, and explore the protected forest by day with their Keepers.”

The 39-second-long video begins with the baby elephant running behind a keeper. The duo then enters an enclosure. The baby elephant can then be seen drinking milk from a huge feeding bottle. Maktao can also be seen wrapping his trunk tightly around the bottle.

Replying to a question on what kind of milk do the elephants get, the center said, “We use a specialist milk formula developed by our Founder, Daphne Sheldrick which is fortified with additional, nutritious ingredients.”

The video has since been viewed over 12,000 times with Twitter users calling it the “cutest thing.”

“Ah, my favorite sight of the day - running for the milk!” a user commented. “There is nothing cuter than a baby elephant,” another user said.

“Aren't they just the most precious thing on the planet,” a user wrote.

Many users also thanked the organization for looking after the elephants.

“You’re truly doing God’s work in saving what can be saved of this planet’s riches,” one person commented.

“They deserve every bit of love and care and milk they can get — they have been torn from their mothers in the majority of cases in the most horrific circumstances, if human would be War Crimes against Children, the barbarity of humans must end,” another user commented.

According to the organization’s website, people can either adopt an orphan elephant or a rhino “for as little as 50$ a year.” People can also donate in order to support their work.

Baby Elephant
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