Overwatch 2 - Ashe and Bob
Ashe and B.O.B. in Overwatch 2 Overwatch 2


  • Ashe excels at picking off enemies from a distance
  • She can deal good AOE damage with her thrown dynamite bundles
  • B.O.B. essentially acts as a second tank for the team

Ashe is a mid-range marksman in "Overwatch 2" with good AOE damage and decent self-peel in close quarters. She can deal immense amounts of damage with rifle, though her high precision requirement means she won't be the easiest hero to use off the bat.

In a way, Ashe can be treated the same way as Widowmaker and, to a lesser extent, Sojourn. "Overwatch 2" players who can hit their shots will be way more valuable than those who can't. However, Ashe still has some tricks up her sleeve that can make her effective against most enemy team compositions.

"Overwatch 2" Ashe Guide

Ashe's primary role is that of a ranged, precision damage dealer. She doesn't have the one-shot potential of Widowmaker or Hanzo, but she makes up for it with versatility. Her lever-action rifle fires faster than those of either of the aforementioned heroes at the cost of damage-per-shot. Still, Ashe hits hard, especially when she lands headshots.

Her secondary damage source is Dynamite, which lights any enemy hit on fire. This is great for contesting choke points and objectives and for farming ultimate charge.

Overwatch 2 - Ashe kit
Ashe's full kit in Overwatch 2 Overwatch 2

Ashe's third ability is Coach Gun, which deals damage up close while also sending her flying backward. This is best used to defend against close-ranged attacks like Tracer and Genji or any diving tank like D.Va and Doomfist.

Her ultimate, B.O.B., summons an omnic companion to charge in a target direction to knock away enemies along the path. Then, B.O.B. turns into a stationary turret of sorts that shoots down any enemy in sight.

B.O.B. deals incredible damage, and he can be buffed by abilities like Nano Boost and Kitsune Rush.

Ashe Tips and Tricks

Dynamite can be shot after it's thrown. Since it travels in an arc, it's sometimes better to just wait for it to arrive at Ashe's crosshairs before shooting it to save players the hassle of aiming at a small, moving target.

Coach Gun also knocks enemies back in a slight, upward arc. Use that time to line up a perfect headshot to take out anyone whose health is low enough.

B.O.B. is a great initiation tool. Feel free to use him whenever, though try to communicate with healers so they can keep him alive. Also, avoid sending him out when Sombra is nearby so he doesn't get shut down by her hacks.

Overwatch 2 - Bob
B.O.B. will automatically attack enemies with his arm cannons after charging Overwatch 2