Apex Legends - Catalyst splash art
Catalyst is the newest addition to Apex Legends' roster in Season 15 Respawn Entertainment


  • Catalyst can reinforce doors and constructs deployed by other heroes
  • She can create an emergency cover by spawning metallic obstacles
  • Catalyst is the game's first transgender character

The upcoming new hero for "Apex Legends" Season 15 has just been revealed, and it seems like she'll be filling the same construction niche as some of the other legends in the game.

Catalyst is set to be a Defensive hero from the remote moon of Boreas. She is also the game's first transgender woman with a rebellious side, as shown in her reveal trailer.

Apex Legends - Catalyst trailer
Catalyst's first encounter with ferro fluid in Boreas Respawn Entertainment

The cinematic was vague with what Catalyst offers to the game's growing list of legends, but earlier leaks have shown that her kit has much to do with the mysterious liquid stored in the moon base's containment units.

A video showing Catalyst's alleged abilities was uploaded online earlier this year. So far, it seems to align with her entire theme. Similar leaks for Newcastle and Vantage in the past have more or less carried over to their release versions, so there's a fair chance that the same will happen with Catalyst.

Passive – Reinforce

Catalyst will reportedly be able to strengthen doors with ferrofluids. If true, this can change how door fights work in "Apex Legends." A stronger barrier between players can make all the difference since it could prevent an attacker from pouncing on someone trying to heal or recharge their shields.

According to leaks, this ability can also strengthen hero-made obstacles like Newcastle's walls, Rampart's barricades and other similar items.

Tactical – Ferro Shot

Catalyst shoots a glob of ferrofluid that forms into a ramp upon hitting the ground or a vertical wall. It can be used to provide some cover but based on the leaked video, it may be better off used as a platform maker for traversing the environment.

It also has a limited health pool since it can be destroyed with just a few P2020 shots. Of course, this may change when she is actually released.

Ultimate – Iron Wall

The ability spawns a large, tower-like structure from the ground. Like the constructs from Ferro Shot, the tower can be shot down by the incoming fire.

This ability seems useful for blocking choke points, creating a cover, or simply helping the squad traverse environments more easily. It can also be used to give Catalyst an immediate height advantage, much like how Horizon can.

Apex Legends - Catalyst art
Catalyst uses a special type of liquid metal to create obstacles for her team Respawn Entertainment