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Overwatch: Game Of The Year Edition Trueachievements

Overwatch has been out for almost a year and Blizzard is planning a huge event to celebrate the milestone. Even though the event has not been officially announced yet, we do know a bit about the upcoming event. Here are all the leaks, tweets and random bits of information connected to Overwatch’s next big event.


Anniversary Loot Boxes- Trueachievements dug through the Microsoft store and found a listing for 50 Overwatch Anniversary Loot Boxes. The description in the store confirms the event and that over 100 new cosmetic items will be coming to the game. The listing says that the Overwatch anniversary event will end on June 5, and since every single one of Overwatch’s events lasted three weeks, we can guess that that it’s going to start sometime next week.

Game Of The Year Edition- Doing some more digging, Trueachievements found another diamond in the rough: Overwatch: Game Of The Year Edition . According to the store description, this new version of the game will come with 10 anniversary event Loot Boxes, a baby Winston pet for World Of Warcraft , Tracer in Heroes Of The Storm and five Origins skins for Overwatch heroes. It’s unclear whether these will be entirely new skins or just the same cosmetics available in the Origins Edition.

Symmetra Legendary Skin- Jeff Kaplan, Overwatch’s guru and game director, wrote on the Overwatch forums that Symmetra mains waiting for a Legendary skin “will be pleased very soon.” The turret wielding scientist that isn’t short and hairy is in the same boat as Zarya – both haven’t seen a new Legendary skin since the game launched. I’m hoping that the Overwatch anniversary event dives into her backstory and gives us a skin as badass as her personality deserves.

4chan Leak And Doomfist- In early May, a 4chan user claimed to have worked on the Overwatch Quality Assurance team and had some details to share. The leaker said that an event will be coming on May 24 and will be the reveal of Doomfist, the fist-wielding psychopath who beat up all those robots in Numbani. I take all leaks with a large amount of salt, but the dates do seem to line up pretty well. I don’t see Doomfist being a playable hero anytime soon, but adding a little Terry Crews Easter egg to the game wouldn’t be a terrible way to celebrate the fans that have stuck by your game for over a year.

“Event 6” Code- Dataminers looking around the Overwatch PTR found code referring to an “Event 6.” New cosmetics for every hero, alongside three reskinned maps, could be coming in the near future.

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