Two suicide bombers from Pakistan’s Taliban branch set off blasts that killed 80 people and wounded over 100 at a Pakistan paramilitary police academy.  The academy was located in the Charsadda district, near the capital of Islamabad.  The attack happened early on Friday local time and targeted new recruits at the academy.

The motivation for the attack was revenge for the “martyrdom” of Osama bin Laden in Pakistan at the hands of US Navy SEALs, according to a Pakistani Taliban spokesperson who talked to AFP.  He also threatened more attacks and said the US would be the next target after Pakistan.

Bashir Ahmed Bilour, a Pakistani government official, sought to turn public opinion against the Islamic extremists and said:

“What did they achieve? Who was killed? I ask you and those who claimed responsibility.  Did they kill Americans or young innocent recruits who were about to leave for their native towns?”

One injured recruit at the police academy told the Washington Post: “I lost many friends.  What did we do wrong?”

Below are available photos from the blast.