Pamela Anderson
Actress Pamela Anderson answers a question at a news conference to announce the launch of the online social platform, in West Hollywood, California, March 22, 2012. Reuters

Former "Baywatch" star Pamela Anderson opened up about WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in a blog she penned Thursday. In a candid post, Anderson said that her relationship with Assange was "no secret" and that he was "one of my favorite people."

"Julian is a human being who is extremely empathetic and cares deeply about the world. ... And because of his work he has made some powerful enemies in a few countries — America especially by exposing them," she wrote in the blog.

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The actress wrote the blog five months after she was seen outside the Ecuadorian embassy in London, where Assange claimed asylum in 2012 in order to avoid extradition to Sweden. She carried vegetarian burgers and a bowl of fruit for Assange, according to reports.

In September 2014, Anderson reportedly secretly visited Assange at the embassy and the meeting was arranged by British fashion designer Dame Vivienne Westwood, a common friend to both. The actress wanted Assange to back her new foundation that supported women who were victims of sexual harassment, among other causes. Later, Westwood and Anderson were supposed to visit Assange together but due to mixing up of dates, Anderson visited Assange on her own and since then the two hit well, according to Daily Mail.

In October 2016, Anderson was again reportedly spotted bringing a vegan meal for Assange at the embassy. Anderson called herself a supporter of Assange at that time. She cracked jokes of how she was torturing Assange with vegan food. “Pamela has visited Julian a number of times,” Anderson’s publicist told People in a statement. “She likes to make him smile — she is a dear supporter of his. She is concerned for his well being, and believes he’s committed no crime and has been treated unkind, and unfairly."

In November 2016, Anderson wrote an article from the embassy for the Observer. She wrote: "I have visited Julian a few times now. I bring him healthy vegan food and we talk about personal issues as well as politics. I can make him smile and laugh and we enjoy our tender hugs goodbye. I have a very soft spot for Julian. I flew to London to see him and to show my continued support. He is a brilliant human being."

In December 2016, Anderson was again seen visiting Assange fourth time in three months. She reportedly carried dinner for Assange.

Reports surfaced in February that as of January, Anderson had already visited Assange five times in four months. A source said that she “seems to be wearing sexier outfits every time she visits,” according to the Sun. These frequent trips sparked rumors of the two dating.

In February, Anderson said on "The Kyle and Jackie O Show," "I've spent more time talking to Julian than all of my ex-husbands combined!" When she was pushed further by the host to reveal more about her and Assange's relationship, she said: "It was never the intention to become romantic, it was just to join forces to do something important."