Papoose and Remy Ma
Papoose has revealed on social media that he is open to having his own VH1 show with Remy Ma. VH1

Papoose just admitted on social media that he’s down with having his own VH1 show with the love of his life, Remy Ma. Fans agree that the “Love & Hip Hop: New York” stars deserve it and encouraged other people to sign the online petition for the show.

On Instagram, Papoose recently shared a screenshot of Power 105.1’s “The Breakfast Club” broadcaster Charlamagne tha God’s tweet asking if somebody could start a petition to give Papoose and Remy Ma their own television show. The radio personality also admitted in the tweet that he’s walking into VH1 himself to pitch this idea.

Charlamagne’s tweet was actually posted in March of last year, so it wasn’t clear why Papoose is taking notice of it now. It’s possible that the “Alphabetical Slaughter” rapper already knew about the tweet long before he shared it on his Instagram, but he’s only now come to terms with the idea of having his own show with his spouse.

Papoose and Remy Ma are part of the “Love & Hip Hop” couples, so they clearly have media presence already. However, since the lovers have been getting a lot of attention for their genuine “black love” for each other, many want them to be the stars of their own show, like how Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna had their own E! series, titled “Rob & Chyna.”

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Since Papoose is now down with having his own VH1 series with the “shETHER” rapper, fans are encouraging more people to sign the online petition for the show. The request is found on Care2 Petitions, and the one who made it wrote that it aims “to display a healthy African American family unit” on TV.

It is not surprising that Papoose and Remy Ma continue to win the hearts of many despite of the latter’s messy feud with Nicki Minaj. The two have proven time and time again how their love for one another is unwavering through the ups and downs of their lives.

Last month, when the couple was interviewed for the premiere episode of ESSENCE’s new “Yes, Girl!” podcast, Remy Ma gushed about true love. “A lot of people they don’t have faith in relationships any more. I know I didn’t. He literally had to beat me over the head for years before I started believing in what he was saying,” she said, before narrating how her man proved his love for her despite being in bars for six years.

In a separate interview, Remy shared that they are working on a relationship guide for their fans who want to know the secret to their lasting romance. “It's so cool but it's really crazy because he's really good with words and I'll look over his shoulder and be like let me give us women better advice because he's over here trying to show us out,” Remy Ma said to BuzzFeed’s “Another Round” in early March.