It seems Paradigm, the entertainment talent agency, signed and then unsigned Casey Anthony’s lawyer, Jose Baez, all within five hours, reports

The talent company seemed to have a change of plan within a short period and when contacted by Deadline said, “it was not who we are.”

Earlier, in an internal memo, the company had declared that they had signed up Baez for all broadcasting, books, TV and motion picture rights. Paradigm took care to clarify that ‘they had not and will not sign up Casey Anthony.

Within hours, another memo made an appearance saying that they had unsigned the defense lawyer. “We have informed Jose Baez tonight that we will not be representing him.

It seems the backlash against such a move must have been too much for Paradigm, even though Baez is a hot property in Hollywood because of the controversial nature of the case. Jim Griffin was the agent who signed him up

Rumours of other talent agencies scouting him out have already been making rounds.

It was reported that the William Morris Talent and Literary Agency in New York signed a book deal on Thursday with both Anthony and Baez – a package deal. William Morris was quick to deny the rumours.

Till the Casey Anthony trial broke into limelight Jose Baez was a small-time Florida lawyer of Puerto Rican origin. Anthony’s acquittal has pushed him onto centre stage. Anthony on Tuesday was acquitted of first-degree murder in the death of her daughter, Caylee.

As protests and objections grow amongst the public, there are many out there who would want to know about the lead actors in this gruesome drama, Casey Anthony and Jose Baez.

Joe Baez graduated from law school in 1997 but was not allowed to practice law till 2005 as his finances were in shambles. He had declared bankruptcy, was unable to pay child support and defaulted on loans and cheque payments.

After the trial Baez said, “The best feeling is I can go home and I can say I saved a life.

“While we are happy for Casey, there are no winners in this case,” he said during a press conference after the verdict was announced.
Caylee has passed on far, far, too soon. What my driving force has been the last three years was to make sure there was justice for Casey and Caylee.”

Baez’s statements seem to reflect satisfaction in a job well done. No matter what everyone thinks of the verdict, Baez is hot and in demand by the media because he's controversial, so the Hollywood agents came calling.