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  • Park Seo-joon previously received criticism during the greeting event for "Concrete Utopia"
  • The Korean actor clarified that there's no discomfort between him and Park Bo-young
  • The fan who prepared the headbands reportedly clarified she didn't ask the artists to wear them

After Park Seo-joon's alleged refusal to wear a fan-made headband during the stage greeting event for his upcoming movie "Concrete Utopia" made the headlines, the 34-year-old actor reportedly received backlash from netizens.

According to Insight Korea, a fan prepared adorable Nick and Judy couple headbands for the 34-year-old actor and his co-star Park Bo-young. The "Strong Girl Do Bong-soon" actress received the headbands and wore the Judy headband from the fan.

However, Seo-joon reportedly refused to wear the Nick headband made for him and gestured to his co-star that his hair was hairsprayed, per the outlet.

After reading about the online controversy surrounding his gesture, Seo-joon took to his official fan cafe to explain his side and express his candid thoughts, per Newsen.

"I'm reaching out with this message, mindful of anyone who might have been affected and hurt," the "Concrete Utopia" actor started his post. He also shared his worries that though he was flustered, his fans might have been more distressed than he was.

"Yesterday, I read through each fan letter I received and went to bed contently thinking it was a good day, only to wake up to chaos," he shared. "If I discuss my sentiments elsewhere, they might be taken as excuses. So, I believe this might be a fitting place (for me to speak) since it is our exclusive space."

He went on to share that he previously experienced an intrusion and was embraced by someone who smelled a lot of alcohol. He shared that he was taken aback but made an effort to push through with the event on a good note because there were other fans in the theater.

Addressing his refusal to wear the headband, Seo-joon explained that because he sweats a lot during stage greeting events, he kept his hair up so it would be easier to wipe the sweat off. He said he had a lot of hairspray applied to his hair to hold it in place to the extent that it's hard as a helmet. "In that state, when I put something on my hair, my scalp hurts a lot," he added.

Addressing the misunderstanding that he reportedly put his co-actor Park Bo-young in an awkward situation by making her hold the headband, Seo-joon said, "I didn't think it was mine, and a fan of Bo-young gave it to me, so I didn't take it because I thought it would be bad if I took it."

He further clarified that he gets along well with Bo-young, so there is no discomfort or awkwardness between them.

Lastly, he told his fans that their presence keeps him strong. "With you, I'm not afraid of anything. So, I hope you don't get hurt by noisy things. I think I'll feel less uncomfortable if I say this."

Meanwhile, the fan who made the Nick and Judy headband reportedly clarified the situation and said that due to the inability to approach Seo-joon directly, he gave the headband to Bo-young instead. "I didn't ask them to wear [them] either. After the stage greeting event, he even accepted my fan letter," said the fan, according to Allkpop.

The plot of "Concrete Utopia" revolves around the aftermath of a devastating earthquake. In the movie, survivors gather at Hwang Goong Apartments, the only building left standing after the massive quake left Seoul deserted, according to Soompi.

Park Seo-joon and Park Bo-young portray a married couple determined to protect each other and their apartment in the film.

The new movie will be released on Wednesday in South Korea.

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