• Parkinson's disease is an ailment with no known cure
  • Those who suffer exhibit symptoms such as experiencing  tremors and loss of balance
  • A recent study showed that a strain of gut bacteria could help alleviate symptoms

Parkinson’s disease is one of the debilitating diseases that usually affects older people. This disease limits the person’s movement, making it hard for him to carry out his daily tasks. Among the symptoms that signal the disease include tremors in the hands, rigid muscles, impaired balance and posture, and other similar physical attributes.

While this disease has no known cure, a recent study has shown that a certain strain of gut bacteria can help in improving the symptoms of the disease. This strain is found in probiotics. parkinsons disease gut bacteria treatment parkinsons disease gut bacteria treatment Photo: sabinevanerp - Pixabay

Bacillus Subtilis

The bacillus subtilis is a strain of bacteria that can be found in the gut. This strain can also be found in probiotics, as per the study conducted by the University of Edinburgh. The study did not pinpoint as to the exact manner by which this bacteria combats the disease. What was known to them was that, somehow, the bacteria are able to slow down the buildup of the protein that’s associated with the disease. In fact, the study revealed that the bacteria have the capacity to reverse the condition.

As per Express’ report, the medical advisor of Bio-Kult, Dr. Ashton Harper, revealed that they had tried testing the bacillus subtilis on an animal model, which was a worm species. They found out that the bacteria strain delayed and reversed the aggregation of the α-synuclein protein.

Patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease were found to have aggregates or clumps of this protein in their brains. Dr. Harper also explained that these aggregates also referred to as Lewy bodies, are regarded as toxic to the cells.

Protective Effect

They found out that the bacteria strain creates a protective effect on the cells, fighting against the protein aggregation. As per the explanation of Dr. Harper, the symptoms that patients experience are brought about by the death of brain cells. The protein aggregates are the ones killing the brain cells, and being able to fight off this process is how you may alleviate the symptoms.

Dr. Harper emphasized, however, that treating the disease using the bacillus subtilis was carried out on an animal model. The doctor likewise stressed that further tests would have to be carried out in order to establish the effect on humans.