A man who indicated he was a pastor on his receipt stiffed a waiter on his tip, expressing outrage at the 18 percent automatic gratuity added to his bill.

A photo of the receipt, submitted by Reddit user Gateflan, has gone viral.

The man signed “Pastor” on the receipt, crossed out the $6.29 tip added to the $34.93 tab and added a “0” for emphasis on the line for an additional tip.

“I give God 10 percent why do you get 18,” the “pastor” wrote on the receipt.

“My mistake sir, I’m sure Jesus will pay for my rent and groceries,” Gateflan wrote on his Reddit post.

The receipt has gone viral on Reddit, where the image has 2,151 upvotes and 3,637 comments.

Gateflan explained that the 18 percent automatic gratuity was tacked on because the “pastor” was dining with a party larger than eight people. Although the man claiming to be a pastor crossed off the tip, it was never taken off the bill.

“It was only compulsory because it was a table of 20. Parties up to eight at my work may tip whatever they'd like, but larger parties receive an automatic gratuity. It's in the computer, it's not something I do,” they wrote.

The waiter said the pastor and his dining companions rung over more than $200 on their bill, but ordered separate checks.

“They had no problem with my service, and told me I was great. They just didn't want to pay when the time came,” he added.

Redditors condemned the pastor for stiffing the waiter.

“As a Christian who waited tables until being laid off recently, I'm thankful for having worked a wage that depended on the generosity of others. It's a perspective I will not forget,” user Butcherandom wrote. “EDIT: Oh yeah, and that guy's a d---. I mean...he's ‘misguided.’”

Some Redditors even encouraged Gateflan to get revenge.

User raverchild wrote, “Ok, here's what you do. go to kinko [sic], get this picture blown up to poster size, and start posting it ALL over his church and around the local area. I'm sure this guy's congregation would LOVE to see their pastor acting like a d---.”