• Richard Huckle, pedophile found dead in his cell
  • Huckle was serving 22 life sentences for being convicted of 200 sexual assault incidences against children
  • When Huckle was arrested he was found with a guideline for pedophiles 

Paul Fitzgerald has been charged with the murder of one of the worst known pedophiles in Britain.

Richard Huckle had been serving 22 life sentences when he was found dead in his cell at Full Sutton prison in Yorkshire on October 13th last year, after being stabbed with a makeshift blade.

Details are ambiguous, though, at this time, though it has been determined that the 29-year-old was connected with the death of Huckle and a file passed to the Crown Protection Service.

A spokesperson from the police department said they were awaiting their decision concerning the charges.

Further details are yet to be provided as well concerning Paul Fitzgerald and his motivations for the act. However, it is a well-known fact that pedophiles are more likely to experience attacks in prison as compared to other inmates.

Huckle was sentenced to serve at the Old Bailey in 2016 for 200 offenses against children aged between six months and 12 years.

He sold the images depicting his depravity on the dark web. He bragged in online forums that it was easier to target poor children in Malaysia than it was to get the ones from affluent western families.

He was stopped and arrested at Gatwick Airport in 2014 as he headed to spend Christmas with his family. Authorities discovered that he had been writing a guide to assist other pedophiles in finding children to abuse while avoiding detection from the authorities.

Officers seized his encrypted laptop and on it managed to uncover more than 20,000 indecent pictures and videos even though there were other files they were not able to open.

The Old Bailey heard that Huckle, a former member of a Baptist church, used his religion as a stepping stone for grooming children in a religious setting so he could better take advantage.

In a statement, the police force claimed Paul Fitzgerald of HMP Wakefield was charged with the murder of Richard Huckle at Full Sutton Prison.

He is due to appear before the Beverley Magistrates Court via video link on Wednesday, February 5th.

According to a source, during the struggle, Huckle was strangled with a guitar string as well. Huckle was also found with condoms, and pens shoved down his throat.

Huckle was not the most popular of prisoners, though. While he was in prison, one of the prisoners who knew a friend to one of the victims shouted that a thousand deaths would be too good for him.

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