The appearance of a massive pentagram in a remote region of Kazakhstan had some conspiracy theorists speculating about its possibly sinister origins. However, an archaeologist has a slightly more mundane explanation for the freak occurrence.

Google Earth users discovered the pentagram, which measures roughly 1,200 feet in diameter, in an isolated northern region of the Central Asian nation of Kazakhstan, The Daily Mail reports. The five-pointed star, surrounded by a large circle, appears to dominate the landscape near the southern shore of the country’s Upper Tobol Reservoir.

Pentagram in Kazakhstan
The discovery of a massive pentagram in Kazakhstan has some theorists speculating that it may be linked to an Illuminati or satanist conspiracy. Google Maps

The image, while utterly innocuous in nature, had conspiracy theorists pondering whether the Illuminati, an alleged secret society that is often accused of covertly controlling world politics, might have constructed the image. The Kazakhstan pentagram’s alleged link to the Illuminati is reinforced by the fact two Google Earth users, the curiously named “Adam” and “Lucifer,” have highlighted the image, the Daily Mail notes. The apparent conspiracy has already become the subject of YouTube videos and articles on various websites.pen

Besides its alleged connection to the Illuminati, the pentagram is often associated with devil worship, the Daily Mail notes. However, the pentagram isn’t exclusively associated with satanic cults and “New World Order”-style conspiracies. The image is also used by followers of the Bahai religion, Chinese Taoism, and neopaganists.

Despite the speculation concerning the pentagram’s allegedly nefarious origins, Emma Usmanova, an archaeologist who specializes in the Lisakovsk region of Kazakhstan, believes she has a more reasonable explanation for the symbol’s existence. “It is the outline of a park made in the form of a star,” Usmanova told LiveScience.

The star was a commonly used image in the Soviet Union, and often adorned flags, building, and monuments, NBC News notes. Kazakhstan was a part of the Soviet Union until the latter’s collapse in 1991. Furthermore, Usmanova suggests that the “lines” of the pentagram are actually roadways, and that trees growing alongside these lines have served to enhance the image if viewed from an aerial perspective.

So, is the pentagram in Kazakhstan nothing more than a park designed in the shape of a star, or is it evidence of a vast Illuminati conspiracy? Conspiracy theorists likely won’t be done with this debate anytime soon.