• The coronavirus pandemic has caused some dental clinics to shut down
  • Limited dental services have led many to go to extreme measures
  • One example is the case of a man performing DIY dentistry on himself

The coronavirus pandemic is not only making people stay in their homes indefinitely but is also causing people to take risky measures due to the unavailability of some services. Billy Taylor, 33 years old, decided to perform some extreme “do-it-yourself dentistry” when he failed to get an appointment with a dentist to perform the job amid the pandemic. While he did achieve his goal, the 33-year-old British father is not recommending others to do it as it was just so painful, according to Taylor.

Essential Services

While dental services are among those considered as essential services, it is so difficult to get an appointment amid this crisis, reports say. According to the American Dental Association, dentists will be unable to perform non-emergency procedures at least until April 30. This is due to the shortage of personal protective equipment that dentists must also use when tending to their patients. Dr. Chad P. Gehani, the ADA president, in a statement, said that because of present circumstances, it is “…in the best interest of our dental patients and dental team members.”

Similar measures are in place in many other countries, such as the UK, Spain, and many more. According to reports, dental services in these countries only cater to serious and emergency cases until further notice. While Taylor’s case may have been considered a dental emergency, officials say the queue is long and full of patients with serious dental problems. This means that you don’t get a dental service right away or immediately.

No Help Available

When asked by news service SWNS in an interview why he did it, Taylor replied that the pain is simply unbearable and became too “excruciating.” Taylor said he tried to call his own dentist but was unable to get through. When he contacted emergency services, the person on the other end told him that he should not go in until he is already having breathing difficulties. 

The British father said that his face was already swelling, and he also had a migraine attack on that side. “It got really bad that night and the swelling were getting worse. I was pretty wound up,” Taylor told SWNS.

An Excruciating Pain

He downed several shots of whiskey then proceeded to prepare a pair of wire locking pliers as well as a couple of YouTube videos. Taylor also asked Leo, his 11-year-old son, to watch him closely in case he loses consciousness because of pain.

Although the procedure may be regarded as a success, Taylor said no one else should try it as it was hideously painful. “I probably wouldn’t recommend it, unless you know what you are doing. You could crush the whole tooth,” Taylor said.

Similar Cases

Mick Armstrong, the British Dental Association chairman, revealed that there are many similar cases like that of Taylor. He said that such situations have become increasingly common because dental practices have remained closed. Dr. Armstrong also said that many other desperate patients might resort to “do-it-yourself dentistry” unless rapid action to address the problem is performed by the government.

The ADA, however, maintained that it is very important to consult the experts. In a statement on their Mouth Healthy site, the ADA recommends that you first speak with your dentist about risks and benefits before performing any DIY dental treatment. In a statement on their Mouth Healthy site, the ADA recommends that you first speak with your dentist about risks and benefits before performing any DIY dental treatment