The popular British pig, Peppa Pig, has been a sensation amongst tiny humans and she’s now getting her own theme park at the Legoland park in Orlando, Florida.

The theme park is set to open in 2022 and tickets will be sold separately from Legoland. Annual passes will be available, as well as other pass options when the time comes.

Merlin Entertainments is working with Hasbro, which acquired "Peppa Pig" and Entertainment One in a nearly $4 billion deal in 2019, according to CNN and Market Watch.

Guests will be able to ride on "Peppa Pig"-themed rides, experience play areas, watch live shows and even play in her favorite “muddy puddles.” More details about all the future attractions are to come this summer.

Her show was the most streamed children’s show in 2020 and sold over $1 billion in her merchandise, according to CNBC.

Many Twitter users are excited about this news and would like to see the park for themselves.

The theme park will be open year-round once it opens next year.

A man he selects a Peppa Pig toy at a store in Beijing
A man he selects a Peppa Pig toy at a store in Beijing AFP / WANG ZHAO