In this image, a Dobermann dog is seen running toward his trainer in Beirut, Lebanon, Oct. 27, 2010. JOSEPH EID/AFP/Getty Images

A 7-month-old baby was attacked by a dog in Penticton, Canada, causing the victim to suffer extensive injuries on the face and require a five-hour-long surgery.

According to a GoFundMe page set up for the child’s family by his uncle, Daniel Hill, the incident took place May 31 at 9 p.m. EDT. Details about the attack were not revealed except the fact that the family’s dog was involved. The baby and her mother were airlifted to the Penticton Regional Hospital.

“Adam drove the long drive alone to make it before Kade went to the operating room. Kade was rushed into the OR [operating room] and was in surgery for almost five hours. Mom and Dad were unsure of the extent of the damage. Once out of surgery they were told his optical bone on his right eye and nose were completely shattered and required extensive repair,” the fundraising page said.

An unidentified woman, who was waiting in the emergency room when the child and his family arrived at the hospital, told Global News that the victim was not breathing when he was brought in. “A lady and her husband and another kid came running in with a tiny baby covered in blood yelling it was attacked by a dog in the face,” she said.

The campaign added that the child’s elder brother, Ty, had witnessed the incident which had left him psychologically scarred. A portion of the money raised will go toward getting him the counseling he required.

“This GoFundMe is set up to help cover their expenses and rent as Adam, the sole provider of the home has been off of work and will not have enough to cover all the expenses of bill, rent, medication, and the trips back to Vancouver again. We appreciate greatly any help you can do, even if it's just a share on social media,” the page said.

The fundraising page, set up June 8, has raised 1,540 of its $5,000 goal.