A pet dog attacked children in a school playground before viciously mauling one of them in front of a teacher who then managed to chase the canine away. The incident took place in Nizhnevartovsk, central Russia, on Monday.

CCTV footage of the incident showed two children playing when the canine, a white bull terrier, enters the playground through a hole in the fence. The dog then runs behind one of the children before jumping on her. However, when the girl remains still, the dog switches attention to another girl who attempts to escape. The canine runs toward her and knocks her to the ground before climbing on her. The canine then starts attacking the girl viciously and bites her in the head.

A teacher along with other children then runs over to the scene and the teacher manages to save the girl by beating the canine with a shoe. However, the dog soon sees other children running away and sprints after them. The video ends with the victim climbing a fence with the help of two other boys.

According to local reports, all the children were aged between 10 and 11. The canine escaped from its home after its owner left the main door open. The dog’s unidentified owner was fined for “walking a dog without a lead and muzzle” and was not charged for the attack.

Meanwhile, the children were rushed to a nearby hospital following the attack and administered vaccination.

Bull Terrier
In this photo, an English Bull Terrier pulls on its leash as it is led on the third day of the Crufts dog show at the National Exhibition Center in Birmingham, England, March 7, 2015. Getty Images/ Carl Court