Colorado Springs firefighters rescued a pet dog after it fell 60 feet down a cliff during a visit near Gold Camp Road.

The Colorado Springs Fire Department deployed a rescue crew to the spot Thursday morning after receiving reports that a 3-year-old sheep dog had slid off the cliff. The canine had luckily come to a stop on a ledge.

“She fell to a spot probably 100 feet up in the air, so she was in a pretty precarious place maybe a two-foot by three or four foot long ledge. She got pretty lucky that she landed right there. Landed in that perfect spot,” said Ryan Boughal with the Colorado Springs Fire Department. ​​​​​​

The firefighters then engaged in a rescue to reach the dog. Video of the rescue showed a firefighter brining the canine up the cliff while another firefighter pulled on the rope. The crew said the dog initially growled a little but stopped after realizing they were there to rescue her.

After being rescued, the dog walked to her owner. The canine suffered only a minor injury to the mouth.

Victor Brena, the dog’s owner, said he took his pet off the leash after which it took off running and slipped off the cliff.

"I just finished my run, and I sat close to the cliff to rest for a little bit. So I took off the leash for my dog. Next thing I saw was her running to the cliff,” he said.

Meanwhile, the rescue crew advised dog owners to always keep their pets on leash.

"Even a well-trained dog can run after you or something. It is always a good idea to keep them on their leash,” said Boughal, a firefighter.

Speaking about the advise, Brena said, “I have to learn from this really. I know that next time I can't take off the leash. Cause it can happen again.”

In this image, a dog's paw reaches through the kennel fence at the Queen Anne's County Department of Animal Service in Queenstown, Maryland, Jan. 24, 2008. Getty Images/Jim Watson