In a horrific incident, a pet dog mauled a 2-year-old to death in Louisville, Kentucky. On Tuesday, three people were indicted following the deadly dog attack.

The dog's owners — Jack Charpring Jr., 50, and Sharon Charpring, 53, — were charged with second-degree manslaughter in connection with the May 2 attack, according to Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney Jeff Cooke. The victim's mother, 25-year-old Jennifer Geiling, was charged with reckless homicide.

Authorities said the child was attacked by the dog in the Chickasaw neighborhood. The child, identified as Isaiah Geiling, was rushed to Norton Children’s Hospital after he was viciously bitten by the animal. However, doctors declared him dead a few minutes after arrival. The coroner said the child died of blunt force injuries.

The dog, named King, was put in a mandatory 10-day quarantine at Louisville Metro Animal Services following the attack. Teeya Barnes, a spokeswoman for Louisville Metro Animal Services, said the dog is still being quarantined and "will continue to be held until we're told otherwise by the Commonwealth Attorney's Office."

The Charpings and Geiling are due next week in Jefferson Circuit Court for arraignment.

In March, two dogs mauled a toddler to death in High Springs, Florida. Media reports said at the time that the child's grandmother was making a sandwich as the baby was in the yard with two of the dogs, an American Staffordshire terrier and a Labrador-mix. The grandmother then heard some noises and when she rushed out, she saw the dogs mauling the toddler. The grandmother tried to intervene and was injured by the attacking dogs. Six dogs, including the two that attacked the boy, were removed from the home.

In this image, a dog's paw reaches through the kennel fence at the Queen Anne's County Department of Animal Service in Queenstown, Maryland, Jan. 24, 2008. Getty Images/Jim Watson