A 1-year-old baby was being treated for severe injuries after she was mauled by the family dog inside her home in Rio Bravo, Texas.

The Webb County Sheriff’s Office said they responded to a dog bite report in Margarita Lane on Friday. The child was found with her ear ripped apart, and the bites she received to her skull exposed her bones, media reports said.

The unidentified child was taken in critical condition to Laredo Medical Center, and then to San Antonio.

“Whenever things like this arrive- the mayor and I do get calls and we are made aware of the situation and we are often front and center where we struggle took place and we do followup, of course," an official told KGNSTV. “When we got there, there was a deputy on the scene and a female with a towel wrapped around a child alongside her hip. They were advised not to remove her towel, so I told the lady get into the emergency unit and let’s take off.”

Victor Menchaca, a Rio Bravo resident, said: “What happened if they attack my grandkids or my sons? The community needs to take care of these dogs - they’re good dogs, but aggressive dogs.”

Rio Bravo animal control handled the pit bull; however, the fate of the canine remains unknown. The case remains under investigation, according to LMTOnline.

In a similar incident this month, a Connecticut family lost their 1-month-old baby after their dog mauled the child. Officers arrived at the home in 36 McKinley Ave., a multifamily residence area in Norwich, after receiving reports of a dog attack. The baby was found inside the home with severe injuries. The dog involved in the attack was a pit bull mix, the police said. However, the fate of the canine remained unknown at the time.

Earlier this month, a 4-year-old girl was mauled to death by her pet dog. Authorities said the dog attacked the child at their home in Oak Grove Road, Texas. After the attack, the canine was euthanized. An autopsy was performed after the "tragic incident."

pit bull
Representational image of a pit bull dog. pixabay