In a case of animal cruelty, a dog owner threw his sick pet violently to the ground because he couldn’t afford the canine’s vet bills. The incident took place at a veterinary clinic in China on Saturday.

Video of the incident was uploaded to Facebook on Saturday and showed the unidentified owner and his daughter at the vet clinic. A clinic staff is then seen carrying a black dog. However, just when the staff is about to place the canine inside a cage, the owner snatches the pet from him before violently throwing the dog to the floor in front of horrified staff and his young daughter.

The owner then starts stomping on the helpless canine’s head and neck. The owner’s daughter tries stopping him from abusing the canine and pushes him away from the animal. The staff too join the girl in stopping the owner from kicking the canine.

According to the caption accompanying the Facebook video, the owner attempted to kill his pet because “its medical bill was too high.” The condition of the canine was not known. It was not known if the owner was facing any charges for abusing the dog.

In a similar incident in Nashville, Tennessee, in June, a dog owner was caught on camera violently hitting his dog in an elevator. Video of the incident showed the owner “violently” smacking the canine in the face repeatedly inside the elevator. He then throws the dog against a wall after getting out of the elevator. The owner was taken into custody and charged with aggravated animal cruelty.