The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) is currently looking for the person who tied a bulldog to the back of a vehicle and dragged it to death.

The body of a French bulldog with horrific injuries was found dumped in Bootle, Liverpool, on June 17 at around 6.30 a.m. local time (1:30 a.m. EDT). The two-year-old female canine, which is believed to have given birth to a litter of puppies prior to its death, had sustained wounds which were consistent with being brutally dragged along the concrete road for a considerable amount of time.

Authorities also found a piece of wire tied to the dog’s collar, which was possibly used by the suspect to tie the animal to the vehicle. It is believed that the dog tried to keep up with the speeding vehicle before the chase became too much for it.

"I believe someone has tied the dog to a vehicle and then drove along dragging this poor pet to her death. There is skin missing on her feet and it looks as though she has run along to try and keep up with the moving vehicle until she was no longer able to. There are also wounds on her body which must have happened when she was unable to keep on her feet. The collar is also up on her head suggesting she has been pulled along,” RSPCA inspector Joanne McDonald said, Daily Mail reported.

French Bulldog
In this photo, a French bulldog is pictured during a demonstration against animal abuse and condemning dogfights, in Arona on the Spanish Canary island of Tenerife, March 12, 2017. DESIREE MARTIN/AFP/Getty Images

The organization is facing difficulty locating the owner of the dog because although the animal was microchipped, it was broken during the incident and the details extracted were not up to date. As a result, investigators were hoping that someone who might have witnessed the incident could provide information regarding the perpetrators or the owner of the dog.

“This is a most barbaric and cruel act. This poor young dog must have been terrified and suffered horrendously during this horrific incident. I really want to find who did this and am hoping the public may be able to help provide me with the information I need,” McDonald said.

He added: “I am appealing for anyone who may have seen this incident take place to come forward as they may have vital information which could identify who did this. I am also keen to identify the dog’s owner and am hoping someone will recognize the dog and be able to provide me with this information.”

Anyone with information about the incident was requested to contact the RSPCA at 0300 123 8018.