The organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, or PETA, has not shied away from bold moves to grab the public's attention on social media.

On Tuesday, PETA began a campaign called "Urban Outraged," a fake clothing brand meant to call out Urban Outfitters for its use of animal products.

In PETA's most recent and perhaps most provocative stunt, the animal rights organization named their proposed outfits after the people who were “killed” to create the products with "human leather."

One product they propose, called “The Adrian Belt,” is described as “a nonbinary look from a nonbinary person,” implying that a non-binary person named Adrian was killed and their skin was used to make the belt.

PETA goes to great lengths to get social media users' attention. The organization has over 1 million followers on Twitter.

During the World Series, in another post on Twitter, PETA called for the end of the use of the term “bullpen” saying that it was offensive to bulls. The animal rights group then proposed the word “arm barn” to replace “bullpen.”

Last year, PETA delivered a post that featured a human-turkey hybrid prepared Thanksgiving style. The hybrid also adorned kink gear, including bondage ropes tied into bows and what appears to be an artichoke sticking out of its rear end.

The post read “imagine if you were the one being stuffed for Thanksgiving dinner.”

This year, PETA took it a step further. In a post that features a picture of a man with a creepy smile, the text reads “you’re getting to 3rd baste with a dead turkey . . . and you think that’s ‘normal’?”