An argument over a window shade between two airline passengers was caught on video, and it is as petty as it sounds.

The footage of the incident was posted to a popular Instagram page, "Passenger Shaming" showing the two men in a scuffle about the shade, where one man was pulling the window cover down while the man in front of him kept pushing it back up.

The clip showed the bizarre exchange went on for over two minutes.

The man in-front shouted to leave the window shade open. The man behind demanded that the window shade remain shut.

A flight attendant rushed over to them in an attempt to intervene, but the two continued their spat, and it escalated into a full-blown row.

The man in the front seat held his hand on the blinder. It was to stop the passenger behind from pulling the shade back down.

At one point, the man in front reached back toward the man behind in trying to stop his arm from closing the window.

The man behind was recording and exclaimed, telling the man behind not to touch him as that would be assault.

The regulation on the matter mandates that a passenger can only control the window shade for their particular row on the flight. That means all other shades are off-limits.

A lot of the commenters on the video pointed out that the feud was extremely immature, considering both men ought to be complying with the flight crew directive that had requested the shades to be up in the first place.

While the behavior has been considered rude in any situation, the caption from the video uploaded notes passengers were told to keep their shades up as the plane landed.

Apparently, keeping the window shades open during descent is essential for the flight crew so they can see outside in case they need to evacuate the airplane quickly.

There is a high potential for accidents to occur during take-off or descent than during the flight.

It does not appear that the two men resolved their argument while onboard, but the video ended with the man in front seemingly victorious.

While most people online agreed it was immature for both men to engage in the dispute, others debated on who was right and wrong.

Some said that it was not the window of the man in front and that he deserved to be wrist locked the next time that he did that.

One Instagram user found the video to be so outrageous that he was convinced the entire thing had been staged.

Window shade Pixabay