A British Airways passenger traveling to New York last week, slammed the airline after finding crumbs and an old sock on her premium economy seat.

The passenger, identified as Lucy Darwin, a film producer, was heading to New York to attend a film festival along with her husband when she found their seats filthy. Darwin said she spent $6,000 on the tickets.

The passenger took to Twitter on Sunday to share a photo of an old sock on her seat.

“British Airways just arrived at our premium economy seats to New York, costing £4,700 ($6,000), to be greeted by filth and someone’s sock. Outraged doesn’t quite cover it,” she tweeted.

A while later, the passenger posted another photo showing the tray table covered with crumbs and stains.

“It got worse... cabin staff embarrassed and kind but this really is appalling,” she wrote.

Responding to this, the airline said, “This certainly isn't what you should expect when traveling with us, Lucy. I'll make sure this is fed back for you.”

The photo was re-tweeted several times with several people criticizing the airline for the condition of the seats.

“Such a shame - they have trashed the brand in the last few years,” one user wrote. “Premium economy is a joke. It’s just economy with a meal and a drink holder,” wrote another user.

Following the outrage, a British Airways spokesman said, “We pride ourselves on the quality of the ​service and experience offered across all cabins on our aircraft. We know that our customers value a comfortable cabin, so our aircraft are cleaned after every flight.”

British Airways
This photo shows an Airbus A320 of British Airways as it flies above Toulouse, southern France, Aug. 27, 2018. Getty Images/PASCAL PAVANI