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In a disturbing incident, a boxing coach, Ramon Sosa, 50, had staged his own death in 2015 with the help of police. He did so to prove that his wife, Maria "Lulu" Sosa had hired a hitman to kill him when their married life turned sour.

Photographs of the scene, where Ramon faked his own death, have now been released in an Open Request under the Freedom of Information Act, the Daily Mail reported.

The divorced father of three children, Mitchell, 26, Mia, 22, and Cris, 24 got married to the lady of his dreams, Maria, in April 2010.

"Nothing was too much trouble for Lulu who was a personal trainer," Ramon told the British tabloid.

Ramon said Maria would give him manicures, pedicures and foot rubs. "She would rub oils onto my back and treat me to massages. It was paradise and my friends were jealous," Ramon said.

After marrying Ramon, who originally was from Puerto Rico, but had become an American citizen, Maria was entitled to a Green Card. It implied she could stay in the U.S. permanently and soon they opened a successful gym together, the Daily Mail reported.

From early 2015, there were financial strains after the gym business struggled to earn profits and put a negative effect on their relationship.

Ramon said Maria approached a person named Gustavo to organize murder; however, what she didn't know was that Gustavo was Ramon's friend.

Gustavo and Ramon made a plan wherein Gustavo wore a wire taping Maria's conversation with him, offering the money to have her husband murdered. They then handed over the evidence to the police.

The police then came up with a plan in which Ramon had to pretend to be dead so that pictures of his supposed corpse could be clicked by one of their own men posing as a hitman and shown to Maria.

"Lying in the dirt, pretending to be dead, was terrifying," Sosa said. He also added that when he first met his wife, he never imagined that their relationship would end like that.

Court documents state that Maria had paid the hitman, who was apparently an undercover investigator, $500 and had also given him Ramon's watches and rings. The officer had shown her the staged photograph showing her husband with makeup depicting a gunshot wound to the head. She smiled upon seeing the photograph, a report said citing court documents.

She was arrested and held in the Montgomery County Jail on the charges of solicitation of capital murder.

In October 2016, she pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 20 years in prison for her actions.

After the trial, Ramon told The Courier: "I think (the sentence) is fair for what she did," he said of his ex-wife at the end of the trial. "I'm just happy that it's over with. I've got to move on."