After the death of Jeffrey Epstein, new details about the strange interior of his home office have emerged. Epstein, who was charged with the sex trafficking of minors, died in prison from an apparent suicide, which is currently being investigated.

As bizarre as the details of his death are so was the décor inside his office. The Upper East Side townhome in New York, featured several peculiar adornments from odd paintings to several stuffed animals, according to a hedge fund trader that was looking to strike a deal with the financer, the New York Post reported.

“I just took some pictures because it was so odd,” the trader told the news outlet.

The trader explained to the Post how unusual the office was saying it was “very opulent, all dark burgundies and reds.” In photos taken by the trader, Epstein’s office is shown to have a taxidermied tiger, which stood at an enormous size compared to the other objects in the room.

The tiger “was huge,” the trader told the news outlet. “I don’t think the pictures really give proper dimensions. The desk had to be one of the biggest desks I’ve ever seen, and that tiger just dwarfed it.”

Also, inside the office was a $5.9 million painting of a woman holding her bare breast that hung behind Epstein’s desk on a bookshelf, according to the photos taken by the trader. The painting “Femme Fatale” was painted by Dutch-French artist Kees van Dongen in 1905, the Post said.

“The picture behind the desk was very interesting,” the trader revealed. It was obviously painted by “a decent artist.”

One of the most peculiar items that the trader ran across in the room was a poodle that had been stuff and according to the trader was definitely not a fake. There is no word if this was a pet of Epstein’s or just an oddity in the home.

“The stuffed toy poodle was really kind of crazy,” the trader said. “It wasn’t fake fur at all. It looked like he needed to be dusted.”

The office was also reportedly furnished with many other ornate objects, including a crystal chandelier, dual candelabras, carved-wood lacquered sideboard, and a floral rug that encompassed the room.

The bizarreness also continued beyond Epstein’s office as it has been reported that inside the home hung a painting of former President Bill Clinton, wearing what looks like a Monica Lewinsky blue dress and red heels while sitting in a chair within the oval office pointing directly at anyone viewing the picture.