• The  Sasovo Flight School Of Civil Aviation reportedly fired the pilot 
  • The tape was posted online by a fellow cadet at the flight school
  • The pilot offered to give the young cadet free lessons in exchange for sex

A Russian pilot and his trainee cadet were allegedly fired after a tape featuring the duo having sex mid-air in a plane's cockpit leaked online.

The 28-year-old pilot and his 21-year-old trainee student allegedly switched the aircraft to autopilot mode to have explicit sex, Kubilive reported.

After the video was confirmed as having been filmed inside one of the planes owned by the Sasovo Flight School Of Civil Aviation, located 400 km southeast of Moscow, both the pilot and the cadet were dismissed from the institute.

The trainee allegedly refused the pilot's proposal to have intercourse with him at first because the latter was married. However, she agreed to give him sexual favors after the man promised free flying lessons to her.

The pair was reportedly in the cockpit of a Cessna 172 aircraft in the Russian federal subject of the Ryazan region when they recorded their sex act, the outlet reported, citing local news site Gazeta.

When asked what happened, the cadet claimed that they only hugged and kissed while on the aircraft, and the autopilot was turned on. She later claimed that it was a one-time occurrence and hadn't been repeated, according to

A fellow cadet shared the video on the internet to exact revenge on the one involved in the incident after they had a disagreement over some issue, Face of Malawi reported.

Some local media outlets, however, claimed that the cadet wasn't fired but she resigned after learning that the video was made public, according to

In November 2021, an Indonesian influencer sued her ex-boyfriend, who also was her manager after the latter leaked their private sexual intercourse video on social media. The accused allegedly also sent the clips to a number of Whatsapp groups on the same day. The victim was forced to delete her Instagram account following the misconduct. The accused allegedly posted the clips on the internet to take revenge on her after the latter asked to break up with him.

Representative image Credit: Pixabay