Is Pitbull dead? Rumors of whether the Give Me Everything rapper passed away filled the Twitterverse on Friday after RIP Pitbull started trending. But RIP Pitbull is just the latest Twitter death hoax.

Pitbull, real name Armando Christian Perez, joins Justin Bieber, Usher, President Obama and Axl Rose as victims of a Twitter death hoax.

Most Twitter users couldn't be fooled. However, that didn't stop them from mocking the rapper, his false death and what users contend is his lack of rhyming skills, offering his lyrics in Give Me Everything as their evidence.

RIP Pitbull - He died from a heart attack after discovering that Kodak rhymes with Kodak, user @awkardnoodles wrote, referring to the hit song. The tweet was one of the most popular on the subject.

RIP Pitbull is trending. He must've died from shock when he made a rhyme that made sense ?#kodak, tweeted the Skip Bayless parody account.

Other users who are fans of the rapper saw no humor in the hoax.

RIP Pitbull?!?? That's not even funny. This man is a genius and I'm listening to hum right now. I swear, LACK OF RESPECT, wrote user Daniel Ibarra.

It's unclear what fueled the Pitbull is dead rumor.

The rapper was clearly alive earlier this morning as he performed on the Today show.