Rebel Wilson Pitch Perfect
Rebel Wilson made a grand entrance to promote "Pitch Perfect 2" at the MTV Movie Awards. Reuters

The MTV Movie Awards were a hotbed of sneak peaks for upcoming movies, TV shows and more. Among the highly anticipated teases that showed up Sunday night was a new look at “Pitch Perfect 2.”

Cast members Brittany Snow, Anna Camp, Hailee Steinfeld and a leather pants and angel wings-clad Rebel Wilson came out on the stage of the show to debut the exclusive clip. In it, the girls are at a kind of underground a cappella battle party. It was the Barden Bellas versus an unknown rival as the two groups dueled with different mashup songs.

“I keep telling people that it’s just going to be a little crazier,” Brittany Snow said of the movie on the red carpet. “We’re not only taking on other people, but now we’re taking on the world. So stakes are a little bit higher because… the world.”

Not a whole lot is known about the movie other than what we learned in the first official trailer, which was released last November. In it, the a cappella group that fans fell in love with in the 2012 original must redeem themselves after getting kicked out of their college program. To save the singing group they love, they’ll need to compete on the world stage. Beca (Anna Kendrick), Chloe (Snow), Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson) and the rest will travel internationally to compete in a contest that no American team ever has won.

Check out the clip below while you wait for the film's May 15 release date.

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