There have been quite a few couplings in the “Pitch Perfect” franchise, but the most popular one happens to have an unofficial status. Beca (Anna Kendrick) and Chloe (Brittany Snow) had multiple relationships throughout the three musical movies, but never the one a passionate fandom wanted them to have — the one that featured them together AKA Bechloe.

Viewers first started shipping the two characters together after the original movie came out in 2012 and featured multiple chemistry-filled scenes between Beca and Chloe. Despite the two never acting on any of this unspoken supposed sexual tension in the movie, were fans always meant to see them as possible love interests for each other? The film’s writer, Kay Cannon, revealed that that’s not how it was originally intended to come across.

Cannon told International Business Times she had “no idea” that fans would begin shipping Bechloe after the first “Pitch Perfect” film. “It’s all in how Jason Moore directed that shower scene because to me, in the writing, I was like, ‘[Chloe’s] in a stall with her boyfriend.’ And I did not picture the shower scene to be so sexually-charged. I just wanted to write a scene where two girls are standing naked and having a regular conversation.”

pp3 bechloe
Beca (Anna Kendrick) and Chloe’s (Brittany Snow) friendship continued to grow in “Pitch Perfect 3.” Universal Pictures/Quantrell D. Colbert

The characters and their relationship became so much more than what Cannon had originally intended for it all to be in the script. How the bathroom shower scene was directed and how the actresses played out the scene started viewers’ shipping of them, but future scenes only added to it all.

“I’d written Chloe as a close-talker, especially after she’s drinking, like one of those people who invades your personal space after they’ve had a couple,” Cannon told IBT. “She happened to do that in the first movie. She happened to do that really closely with Beca. So, coupled with the shower scene and then her being at the Hood Night party, talking really close to [Beca], people are like, ‘Oh, there’s undeniable chemistry here.’”

The Bechloe fandom only grew from movie to movie. So much so that a “Pitch Perfect 3” Snapchat ad featuring Kendrick and Snow walking towards each other, as if they’re about to kiss, was included in the movie’s marketing campaign. Fans were not happy with this, calling out “Pitch Perfect 3” for queerbaiting Bechloe fans.

The two didn’t kiss in this advertisement, but there was reportedly a Beca-Chloe kiss filmed for the movie. The scene was not in the film and did not make it onto the DVD as a deleted scene, but Rebel Wilson (Fat Amy) revealed that it did happen.

Although Cannon wrote the first two films and is credited as one of the screenwriters on the third movie, she did not know about the Bechloe kiss until Wilson talked about it because it was not part of the original scripts she wrote.

“I have to say, I wrote the first couple drafts of the third one, but then I was doing ‘Girlboss’ and ‘Blockers,’ so I didn’t even know they had filmed a kiss until Rebel revealed it,” Cannon said. She explained that she was only around in the beginning stages of “Pitch Perfect 3” and “can’t speak” to what the process was of going ahead and filming the kiss. She also hasn’t “had a chance to ask the girls how that went down, either.”

Alas, at the Australian premiere of “Pitch Perfect 3,” Wilson told fans on the carpet that near the end of filming, Kendrick and Snow did shoot a kissing scene together. She explained that they all knew how passionate the Bechloe fandom was and wanted to give that scene for them, whether in the actual movie or just on the DVD as an extra. Unfortunately, it didn’t end up in either, and fans have been petitioning for Universal Pictures, the movie’s production company, to release the clip.