• PlanB claims Bitcoin will reach $100,000 by the end of this cycle
  • He still believes in the price reaching $1 million by the end of next cycle
  • The popular S2F model is still intact, PlanB claims

PlanB, a Twitter analyst who published the Stock-to-Flow model (S2F) in 2019 and which many look to in following Bitcoin's ups and dowsn, said in a recent interview that BTC will reach $100,000 by the end of this cycle, and reach $1 million by the end of the next bull cycle.

PlanB, a pseudonymous Dutch investor with a cult following amonc crypto enthusiasts, appeared in an interview with fellow Dutch technical analyst and YouTuber Madelon Vos. He remained behind the shadows in the interview but claimed that regardless of where BTC was in the short term it would still reach where he had predicted.

PlanB's prediction of Bitcoin achieving $98,000 in November and $135,000 in December failed but as 2022 approaches, the analyst still believes that Bitcoin is bound to reach $100,000 in the next two years, helped by the next halving process to begin in 2024.

Further, he also believes that his S2F model is still intact and there is no chance that it will be invalidated. In a tweet, PlanB showed a chart of the S2F model which forecasts that "BTC will bounce between 50k-200k until 2024. We are at 50k, current ath is 69k, and it is likely we hit 200k before 2024," said PlanB.

"Right now, it is very exciting to see whether it reaches the $100,000 in the next two year, well actually this month and in the next month,” PlanB said in his interview. “I am actually already working on the next cycle because I really don’t care whether it stays stuck on $50,000 or $100,000 or $288,000."

With the adoption of Bitcoin by El Salvador and the Taproot upgrade, the growth potential for BTC has increased and it seems that PlanB is still fixated on a $1 million price per Bitcoin in the near future. The world's biggest cryptocurrency is getting rarer with time with more than 90% of the supply already mined, which looks set to help PlanB's forecast..

Major financial institutes are viewing Bitcoin as a new asset class.
Major financial institutes are viewing Bitcoin as a new asset class. Pexels