• Hair loss occurs at a time that you would not expect it
  • The cause varies, it can be genetic, and it could also be psychological
  • There are natural treatments available that help in treating hair loss

There are several causes of hair loss. Primary amongst them are different genetic and psychological factors. While this problem may not indicate a serious underlying health condition, it can adversely affect your personal wellbeing, which is why it should not be ignored. Hair loss can also impact your self-confidence and, in some instances, aggravate any physical insecurity you may have.

Causes of Hair Loss

Oftentimes, hair loss is a result of aging, while in other cases, it may run in your family. This type of permanent hair loss is called male and female pattern baldness.

Because of these factors, it is easy to shrug your shoulders and be resigned while viewing your balding crown as an unavoidable fact of life. Recent and promising research, however, suggests you can still treat it.

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A Natural Treatment Option

There are several natural remedies on hair loss that have gained popularity because of their ability to stimulate hair growth for some people. One recent study has pointed to pumpkin seed oil as an effective natural solution for the problem.

In the rigorously tested research, it was found out that consuming pumpkin seed oil have led to considerable improvements in treating male pattern baldness. Researchers gathered several men with pattern baldness and divided them into two groups. One group was asked to take pumpkin seed supplements while the other group was asked to have a placebo.

After the study, researchers found that those who took pumpkin seed supplements enjoyed 30% more hair growth compared to those who had a placebo.

The Reason for the Improvement

The researchers hypothesized that the hair-growing benefits of pumpkin seed oil might lie in phytosterols. This is a group of naturally-occurring compounds that are found in plants.

Researchers also believe that phytosterols block hair-loss-causing hormones and enzymes in the scalp. Studies performed on many other natural ingredients that contain phytosterols boost this hypothesis. It includes one study that examines the effects of omega-3 fatty acids and phytosterol-rich plant-based oils.

Other Hair Loss Treatments

The National Health Service has also stated that over-the-counter treatments like finasteride and minoxidil can help with male pattern baldness. As regards female pattern baldness, the health body recommends using minoxidil but warns against the use of finasteride.

The NHS, however, said that these treatments may not work for everyone and may only work as long as they are being used. They may also be very costly.