The last generation of consoles have further highlighted the fading line between consoles, with the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 both resembling PC architecture more than ever. This has also opened the door for more cross-functionality with other devices, and the PS4’s newest system update is sure to please Apple owners.

Engadget revealed that the newest PS4 system update has brought a feature Apple owners have been asking for. iPhone and iPad owners will be able to sync up their devices to their console and properly play games through the Remote Play app. The system update is automatic, so once it’s done updating, pairing up should be simple from there.

So if you can’t get the TV, you can stream and enjoy “God of War” on your iPhone or iPad. Just keep in mind it will only work on iPhone 7, sixth-generation iPads, and above. You’ll also need to be on the same Wi-Fi, so no playing from out of state, unfortunately.

Originally, the Remote Play feature was only available on PlayStation Vita, which was meant to serve as a selling point for Sony’s handheld system. This was followed by Remote Play apps for Windows and Mac, expanding the Remote Play quite a bit. However, this function coming to Apple devices gives Apple owners a leg up over Android owner, since the Sony Xperia phones are the only Android phones that allow Remote Play.

Given the fading lines between devices, this is just another step to a more interconnected home and lifestyle that seems to be taking over. And when it comes to gaming, it only opens more doors for people to enjoy some of the biggest games out there without needing a demanding piece of hardware. PS Now and Xbox Game Pass are perfect examples of this, offering a means to stream games to your respective system and enjoy hundreds of games, including some of the newest titles out there. So any step that gets gamers closer to that reality is only positive.

PS4 remote play
Apple owners will now be able to enjoy Remote Play with PS4. This photo taken on March 19, 2015 shows a man playing with a Sony PlayStation 4 in a shop in downtown Shanghai. JOHANNES EISELE/Getty Images