• A new leak claims Sony will hold a PlayStation media event in March
  • The leaker also claims that preorders for the PlayStation 5 will start by then
  • Sony hasn't confirmed or denied the claims yet

Sony will hold a PlayStation media event next month and will start accepting preorders for its next-generation console by that time, a new leak claims.

Sony's next-generation PlayStation 5 is one of the most awaited tech products in the market today, and is a favorite topic among many leakers on the internet. Previous leaks revealed what the exciting new gaming system will feature, how powerful it might be, and how it will fare in comparison to its toughest rival, the Xbox Series X. All these reports paint a picture that the PS5 is worth the wait.

A new leak, on the other hand, shows that while the wait is worth it, the wait will not be too long. According to @PSErebus, a leaker who claims to know a great deal about Sony's upcoming console, the game company will hold a PlayStation event next month – March.

The leaker, in December last year, claimed that Sony will start accepting preorders for the PS5 in March. Now, the leaker reiterated that claim, indicating that the alleged preorder start date hasn't changed. Of course, the accuracy of such claims remains to be seen.

While readers are free to doubt the veracity of @PSErebus's claims, TechRadar noted that this leaker previously accurately leaked the initial release date of Naughty Dog's “The Last Of Us Part 2.” The leaker's accuracy about this highly anticipated title seems to add some credence to the new claim. Still, Sony hasn't confirmed if the leak is right or wrong.

Sony, per the leaker, will start sending out invitations to the PlayStation media event this month. The invitations will be sent to investors and media so they can come see what the upcoming console is capable of doing – and if it lives up to the hype that it has caused among many fans.

If ever Sony does hold a PlayStation media event in March, it will be able to confirm accurate rumors and silence all erroneous claims about its upcoming monster of a console. Previous reports revealed that it will have overall better performance than the Xbox Series X, offer faster loading times courtesy of better RAM and faster SSD, and will be sold at an appealing price considering its specs.

PlayStation 5 Concept Controller - Unofficial Render
Sony has not yet unveiled the PlayStation 5. LetsGoDigital