• A new leak claims the PlayStation 5 will have overall better performance compared to the Xbox Series X
  • This is due to the PS5's bigger and faster RAM, as well as faster SSD
  • The leaker is considered accurate, but Sony hasn't confirmed his claims yet

Sony's PlayStation 5 might have a weaker GPU compared to the Xbox Series X, but it has better overall performance compared to the Microsoft console, a new leak reveals. Is this true?

PlayStation fans who are worried that Sony's upcoming next-gen gaming machine might be weaker than Microsoft's new Xbox need not worry, because according to a leak, the PS5 has overall better performance compared to the Xbox Series X.

The leak comes from a Twitter user named Tidus, a “well known and accurate industry leaker,” PSU reported. Tidus tweeted a simple comparison between the PS5 and Xbox Series X's specs and revealed that while Microsoft's console has better GPU, Sony's machine is well-rounded with better SSDs and RAM. Here's a quick breakdown of the leaker's tweet:


First off, Tidus claimed that according to the information he “gathered over the last few weeks,” the CPUs inside the PS5 and Xbox Series X (XSX) are comparable. He did not elaborate on this.

“GPU PS5 < XSX (less the 1TF)”

Tidus's claim agrees with earlier leaks saying the XSX has a powerful GPU compared to the PS5. The new leak, however, describes the difference in graphics computing power as less than 1 teraflop, and not as 3 – previous reports indicated that the XSX aimed at 12.2 TFLOPs while the PS5 aimed at 9.2 TFLOPs.

“RAM PS5 > XSX (BW and size)”

The leaker claimed that the PS5 has bigger memory allocation compared to the XSX. Aside from the larger allocation, the leaker also said the PS5's RAM is faster, too.

“SSD PS5 > XSX (Speed and size)

An earlier report indicated that the PS5 will use Samsung SSDs that are way faster than the Phison SSDs used in the Xbox Scarlett. The report, in fact, claims that the PS5's SSD is twice as fast as the XSX's.

“Performance PS5 > XSX”

Tidus summarized his claims by saying the PS5 has overall better performance compared to the XSX. The PS5's GPU may not be as powerful as the one inside the XSX, but it more than makes up for it in other aspects.

Lastly, the leaker also claimed that “Final dev kits for PS5 are out” in the wild. It won't be long before fans get a hold of information about the PS5.

PlayStation 5 Concept Controller - Unofficial Render Sony has not yet unveiled the PlayStation 5. Photo: LetsGoDigital