• Sony recently filed a patent for what they call "Dynamic Music Creation In Gaming"
  • The patent is for a design and system that generates music in a game depending on what’s happening
  • While it is not yet confirmed, there are speculations that the system will be in the upcoming PS5

It sure looks like Sony is ramping up its PR work for its upcoming PlayStation 5. This time, the Japanese tech giant seems to be hinting about an incredible new feature that might be included in its next-generation console.

On Friday, Sony filed a patent for design and system that generates music in a game depending on what’s happening – from the scene itself, emotion of the characters, and even location. The plan is named “Dynamic Music Creation In Gaming,” and as the name suggests and explicitly stated in the document, it will be used for gaming.

“The present disclsoure describes a mechanism for analyzing music, separating out its musical components (rhythms, time signature, melodic structure, modality, harmonic structure, harmonic density, rhythmic density and timbral density) mapping those components to emotional components individually and in combination, based on published reviews and social media expressing human opinions about concerts, records, etc.,” a part of the description read.

According to the documents, Sony plans to assign an emotional factor to what they call “Virtual Faders.” After which, the said emotional components are mapped against more specific and tangible factors such as characters and locations in order to generate appropriate background music.

“Faders (or virtual faders in software) are given emotional components like Tension, Power, Joy, Wonder, Tenderness, Transcendence, Peacefulness, Nostalgia, Sadness, Sensuality, Fear, etc. These Musical Components are mapped against motifs which have been created for individual elements/participants of the game including but not limited to Characters (Lead Person, Partner, Primary Enemy, Wizard, etc.), Activity Types (fighting, resting, planning, hiding etc.), Areas (forest, city, desert, etc.), Personality of the person playing the game, etc.,” Sony furthered in the description.

There is still no confirmation yet if the said feature will indeed be part of the PlayStation 5, but it is definitely a big possibility since it is the only major console Sony will be releasing in the near future.

Moreover, it bodes well with the much-improved audio fidelity of PS5. To recall, Sony’s next-gen console will use a Tempest engine for its audio, and it promises to “offer a greater sense of presence and locality” like being able to hear the raindrops falling and hitting different surfaces.

This is certainly an exciting development, and fans could only hope that it will indeed be added to PS5.

Aside from the said new music feature, Sony is also selling PS5 to be 100 times faster than PS4 when it comes to loading times.

It remains to be seen if PS5 can live up to expectations. Fortunately, fans don’t need to wait for long to find out, as the console is slated to hit the market this Holiday 2020.

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