• UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson tested positive for the deadly coronavirus
  • He is one of the key persons fighting against the disease
  • Analysts say that the PM's current condition poses a huge challenge for the government

In a video tweet today, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has confirmed that his COVID-19 test results are in and it is positive. The UK leader is at the forefront of the battle against the deadly coronavirus outbreak, which has claimed 578 Britons and leaving another 163 in serious or critical condition.

The total number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the UK now stands at 11,658 with 135 recoveries and 10,945 active cases. Johnson, this week, has announced stricter measures in an attempt to stop the spread of the virus. He also urged people who have even the mildest symptoms to self-isolate themselves for seven to fourteen days. His coronavirus test result would mean that Johnson, himself, will be on self-isolation, a situation that he admitted is what he is doing right now.

The Fight Is Still On

Johnson, 55, said that, in the past 24 hours, he started to develop mild symptoms of COVID-19, prompting him to submit for testing. Despite going on self-isolation, however, the PM vowed to continue leading the government’s response in the fight against the virus outbreak through a video-conference.

In perhaps a preview of what is ahead, he included a strong message of hope to the people, saying: “together we will beat this.” He also included the caption #StayHomeSaveLives to remind everyone that the UK is on lockdown and everyone should stay home unless they must leave home. Boris Johnson positive coronavirus Boris Johnson positive coronavirus Photo: derwiki - Pixabay

Word From Downing Street

Downing Street, in a statement, said that the Prime Minister subjected himself to COVID-19 testing upon the advice of Professor Chris Whitty, his chief medical officer. This developed after Johnson has been experiencing mild symptoms of COVID-19 infection on Thursday.

According to Downing Street, Johnson was tested in No. 10 by staff from the National Health Service and, when results came back, it turned out positive. The statement also said that in keeping with the general guidance now in effect all over the United Kingdom, the Prime Minister is, currently, self-isolating in Downing Street. He will continue to lead the government’s response to the pandemic.

An Enormous Challenge

Johnson, for the entire week, has been chairing daily meetings with his “war cabinet” as discussions centered on the country’s COVID-19 emergency response. This allowed the PM to learn about the latest data and information from people who are at the core of managing health, communication, and economic response to the national emergency.

Political analysts, however, say that the PM testing positive for COVID-19 is a huge challenge for the government today. Added to this, concerns will also center on the fact that several people in No. 10 may have been exposed and would now have to be tested.

A spokesman for the PM has announced that in case Johnson becomes unwell, Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab will assume his place in the meetings. If Mr. Raab also becomes ill, the Prime Minister will delegate the responsibility to any of the ministers.