Pokémon Sun And Moon anime episode 21 is making waves on the internet for its extremely sad content, so we thought we’d weigh in on the matter. Did we really just witness something sadder than crying Pikachu from Pokémon: The First Movie? It’s a possibility. Kotaku offers a helpful recap.

Especially since episode 21 hasn’t been localized into English yet, we’ll offer an obligatory SPOILER warning. Those who don’t want to know what’s next should turn back now.

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For those who have watched the anime, however, you’ll know that Litten and Stoutland have become fast friends. It’s been enjoyable to watch the two stray Pokémon bond, but that cute visual comes to a screeching halt when Litten approaches Ash for help after a battle with Team Rocket. Litten takes Ash to Stoutland, and the aging Pokémon is seen wheezing and coughing. When he’s rushed to a Pokémon Center, Nurse Joy simply says “Stoutland, Stoutland is...” Viewers are left to assume what’s said next.

The rest of the episode deals with Litten’s painful struggle to cope with the passing of his partner. The cat has dreams that the two have been reunited, only to be woken up by the horrors of the situation. In possibly the single-most poignant moment in the series, Litten heads out into the streets in the middle of the night to let out a blood-curdling cry. In fact, you can see it in the tweet below.

As if that wasn’t enough, the distraught Pokémon refuses to sleep, eat or even take a bit of grief counseling from Meowth. Once the weather clears, however, Litten sees the sign he’s been looking for: it’s a rainbow and a cloud resembling the face of his fallen friend. Now at peace, Litten finally feels happy enough to be caught by Ash.

Fans of the Pokémon anime will know this is far from the first time the series has dealt with death. However, it may be the first time it’s been focused on so heavily as a main theme. Pokémon or their masters have died dozens of times in the heat of battle or in sacrifice, but this time we’re led to believe old age is the primary cause for Stoutland’s demise.

The question on the minds of many enthusiasts today, however, is how this Sun And Moon moment ranks amongst the series’ saddest. We all remember the infamous crying Pikachu or Ash letting his friend out into the wild in “Bye Bye, Butterfree.” What about the horrid condition of Charmander when he’s first encountered in season 1? At the very least, Sun And Moon episode 21 serves as a reminder that not everything is perfect in this very colorful universe.

There’s no air date or localized name for this episode yet, but the internet is your friend if you’re looking for a fan translation.

What are your thoughts on Pokémon Sun And Moon episode 21? Is this the saddest moment in the series to date? Tell us in the comments section!