Pokemon Sun and Moon” players who joined the recently concluded Global Mission in the games can now redeem the gift The Pokemon Company promised following the in-event game. Meanwhile, a special Easter Egg event that will kick off next month has been announced.

According to Serebii, players who joined the third Global Mission and traded five or more Pokemon throughout the duration of the in-game event will now get the chance to claim the gift they earned for doing so. The gift comprises five Rare Candy and one Friend Ball they can use in the games. Rare Candy is used to increase the level of a Pokemon by 1, while a Friend Ball sets the happiness level of the captured Pokemon to 200.

Last month, the third Global Mission in “Pokemon Sun and Moon” was launched. The new mission challenged Trainers to trade 1 million Pokemon at the Global Trade Station until Feb. 13. The Pokemon Company stated at the time that all players will get 2,000 Festival Coins, while those who used Pokemon Global Link will receive 4,000 Festival Coins if the mission turned out to be a success. In addition, should the total number of trades reach 2 million, Pokemon Global Link players were promised with a Friend Ball, as per VG 24/7.

Unlike the first two Global Missions, the third one ended on a positive note and even exceeded The Pokemon Company’s expectations. Apparently, players managed to trade 4,107,702 Pokemon throughout the duration of the mission. The next Global Mission is set to happen later this month. It will reportedly start on Feb. 28 and it is challenging players to earn Battle Points at the Battle Tree on Poni Island, as reported by Nintendo Insider.

Meanwhile, The Japanese Pokemon Company announced this Monday that a special Easter Egg event is scheduled to happen for players based in Japan. The event will run from March 18 through April 9. Players who will join the event can get Eggs that contain any of the six creatures: Turtonator, Oranguru, Passimian, Drampa, Mareanie and Goomy. It isn’t clear yet if this event will also happen worldwide.