Pokémon fans know that over the years many variations of the pocket monsters have met the unfortunate fate of being scrapped. As it's become such a topic of interest, "Pokémon historians" have become quick to share their knowledge about the evolutions that just didn't make it past the creation process. Recently, followers of the franchise became aware of the existence of an additional Pikachu evolution called Gorochu thanks to one of those historians, Dr. Lava.

Recently, Dr. Lava shared that he had spoken with Junichi Masuda, who was "one of the most iconic developers on Pokémon's video games." During that conversation, Masuda was asked if Gorochu, a planned Gen 1 Raichu evolution, would ever be able to rejoin the series in some capacity.

"I would say the chances are low," confirmed the director, likely to the dismay of fans.

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One of the reasons why this perhaps was even more of a disappointment to Pokémon devotees was because Gorochu was an outlier when it came to the Pikachu family. This specific character had "fangs and horns and looked like a god of thunder," Dr. Lava shared in their tweet.

As for why the character will not be seen on Pokémon Red and Blue, fans can blame limited storage space for the decision. However, as stated in the above tweet, even if developers opted to include him in a new game, it would be "complicated by the fact that Pichu was added in Gen 2 -- giving the family its third stage."

Even though Pokémon lovers may not be able to see that specific evolution, there continue to be other interesting developments surrounding the universe. Over the summer, the 2010 website Pokémon Fusion made an unexpected comeback and a new character was revealed this year that resembled KISS musician Gene Simmons, making quite the impression on him.

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