• Aaron Thayer repeatedly threatened his ex-girlfriend through text
  • He also verbally assaulted her during multiple phone calls
  • He drove from Connecticut to Florida and broke into her house
  • Police nabbed Thayer as he was chasing the woman

Police have stopped and arrested a man, who allegedly traveled to Florida with the intention of killing his ex-girlfriend, as he was chasing the woman while armed with a gun.

According to a press release from the Flagler County Sheriff's Office, 39-year-old Aaron Thayer sent his ex-girlfriend numerous threatening text messages and verbally assaulted her during several phone calls. Thayer stated in the texts that he would drive from Connecticut to her Flagler County home in Florida to end her life.

The woman, whose identity has not been revealed, called 911 Friday to report Thayer's threats against her. She told the authorities that Thayer had installed security cameras around her home to keep his eyes on her. She had to hide in the cameras' blind spot so that Thayer wouldn't know she was calling for help.

While the woman was making the call, Thayer continued threatening her through text messages. He kept calling her phone as well. Authorities told the woman to answer the call so that they could attempt to locate Thayer. When she took Thayer's call, he said he was coming to kill her.

Thayer arrived at the woman's home the day after the 911 call, authorities said. He broke into the house with a tire iron, stole $400, swiped a loaded gun from the woman's nightstand and chased the woman out of her own home.

The woman managed to call 911 for help while Thayer broke into her house. Police officers that happened to be responding to another call nearby arrived at the scene, a report from the New York Daily News said. Two police officers asked the woman to stay near their patrol cars as ran after Thayer.

Although Thayer appeared to have surrendered, he refused to get down on the ground. As a result, one of the police officers had to use a taser on him. The officers then restrained Thayer in handcuffs and recovered the stolen gun tucked in his pants. Thayer told them that he also had a pocket knife.

"I love you!" Thayer shouted at the woman many times during his arrest, according to the New York Daily News.

When he was standing handcuffed next to a police car, he appeared to be in disbelief that could end up in jail.

Thayer is currently being held without bond, a report from Click Orlando indicated.

A similar incident involving a violent ex-boyfriend took place in California three months ago. Herbert Nixon Flores, 46, was caught on camera shooting his unnamed ex-girlfriend to death in front of their 3-year-old daughter. The ex-girlfriend reportedly broke up with Flores and filed a restraining order against him prior to the incident. While the police were chasing him for the murder, Flores fatally shot himself.

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Representational image of a crime scene. Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images